Sunday, April 26, 2020

Quarantine Minecraft Build Off

The Quarantine Zone Build off!! 

Give the Following Pics a good look and tell us what you think of them in the survey afterwards

1.  Star Destroyer - Bewwizzlley

2. Tie Fighters and Tie Interceptor - Yastaav

3.  Asylum - Kiki El Neko
Golems patrol the asylum, still ready to protect the patients that are long gone.Secret piston doors keep the padded cells safe from prying eyes and below the asylum some dark experiments have been taking place...

4. Waystation - Heretic
A fusion between oriental style and a launching platform for a space ship. Featuring a floating building being held up with rocket engines and massive cables. 

5. The Spire - Myxta

The Dark Spire corrupts the world around it, evident in the shifting landscape.  The tower has multiple ways of reaching the top including a bubblevator and a piston slime lift.

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