Saturday, January 11, 2020

Minecraft Build off

The Unseen Minecraft/ Minecraft Mafia Build off is done!!!
Give the screenshots below a gander, click the links below them to go to the survey and judge them accordingly!

The Member

Although not actually a part of the competition, this is still in the build off area.... so judge as you please!

The Unfinished Star Spawn
Built by Gunkle_Stan, the unfinished star spawn will one day be a massive Star Spawn. We Hope. Please donate any excess black wool to the cause

The Imperial Palace
Built by Grimmjowned, Inspired by the Ancient Chinese Imperial Palaces of old, he wanted to emulate ancient Chinese Architecture through the materials used being white and red contrasting concrete pitted against soft Jade tiling and wooden flooring. He chose to use lanterns over torches to give it a more immersive feel and segregated the lower tiers from the main palace to create a sense of inequality in the royal family's own caste.

Mount Olympus
Built by Jinxkittie, An idyllic homage to Mount Olympus - an ancient floating Greek island.

Snow You Didnt!
Built by Leyzer, Snow you Didnt was inspired by a man who wanted to make spheres and a massive snow man. The design evokes a sense of fear and wonder, while confusion still lurks around. We think he may have released too many Snow Golems into the wild while doing so.

The Lost City
Built by Eonblue7. Inspired by Ancient Aztec ruins, the build off used a lot of jade colors and small contrasts with terracotta to give it a small sense of mystery. Also Blood. 

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